A Day Like Many Others

Tuesday 2nd November passed like many others as another happy, relaxed and warm day in our retirement.

Up at about 8.30am to make a Cup of Tea for my Lady. Then back to bed to drink it, read the papers, absorb the news and see what the day might have to offer.

The regular weekly call from our son came at the end of breakfast allowing us to digest our Boiled Eggs nicely. He calls from his lorry, usually to tell us he’s ‘on his way somewhere’ with yet another odd or unusual cargo. These calls can last fifteen minutes to around forty five if life has been interesting for one or both of us. Today, an hour discussing films, film people and the other things you would normally discuss over dinner were we all in the same house. As we are not, and not even on the same continent, we being on the African shelf out here, it all gets said in the weekly con-flab.

We have ‘Cool’ nights here… around 16 and down to about 12c at this time of year, so we have a BBQ which doubles as a Firepit in the evenings. Charcoal is all very well for heat but the charm of sitting by a flickering fire is a strong draw. Accordingly, we go out looking for ‘Firewood’ on the mountain… Fallen sticks, branches and fir-cones make a beautiful but rapid burning fire and they are plentiful, thus combining exercise for us, with a decent supply of burnables, the ash from which goes into the garden and makes great fertiliser.


Of course, this wonderful Island is so warm during the day…..

And so, we wandered for an hour or so. Found enough of various sizes to fill our wood box and keep us warm.

To our great surprise, someone is building a brand new Camping and Picnic Area here, right on our doorstep. A huge one at that. Its well progressed so I guess it’s been building a long while.

And so, with wood, sun warmed skin and relaxed, happy Sheila, we made our way back down the road to home, just in time to ready ourselves for our Tuesday evening dinner and Cinema evening.

Tonights film was, The Last Duel. A true story of a Knight and his Lady in 1386 defying the traditional view that Rape never happened at the hand, (Or other parts), of a nobleman. Grin and bear it was what you had to do at that time because, if you were found to have claimed rape and there was any way you could be proved a liar, and there were oh so many, many ways of proving that, you took around three days to die!

Very good film. Very thought provoking for a lot of reasons. Go see it.