Roque Bentayga

This monolithic rock stands tall above the Tejeda Valley.

First visit by us and First video of 2023. We visited on the 1st of January 2023, climbing as far as the museum and sending the drone up the rest of the way. Stunning, spectacular views from up there. We shall indeed climb it soon!

That Rock!

We can see this rock from our terrace. It appears to have a hole through which we think we can see the mountain behind. But we’re not sure….. Shall we see? It’s a quarter mile away and 350 feet above us… Send the drone!

Picnic By The Ocean

A Beautiful Spot on our Southern Coastline just before Arguineguin.

We stopped here because it seemed like a good idea. We were hungry and thirsty and just wanted to sit and listen to the waves…

Walk With Us To The Beach

Our Beach

It’s 5th January 2022. Our “Christmas Eve” here. So it was a good day for a swim, sunbathe and walk.

Join us, and remember… This is Gran Canaria. Clothes are not an issue here.

We love this walk. The wind in our hair, the Ocean  and the Sun on our skin. The beauty of nature exceeds all the mundane worries of the world of man.

If you love this type of activity, let us know in the comments section and we’ll get a few more going!

A Day at Puerto Mogan

The car was ‘In’ for service, so we were ‘Out’ for Lunch!

It was a beautiful day. The car needed a few things doing to her, a seal, and idler wheel and a change of fluids in brakes and rad. Sheila and I hate hanging around doing nothing and so we grabbed a bus down to Puerto Mogan for a spot of breakfast.

The idea was, we would have breakfast and a quick wander the get the bus somewhere else to see how the word was doing there too. The weather was too good for that though. In the end we stayed all day. Walking, talking, looking and loving. Eventually, it seemed a good idea to return before my mechanic gave up and sold the car!

Lovely day, lovely company and good food and drink. What more can a poor boy want!

Snowdrops in England

In February 2019, a while before we retired, we spent a happy and interesting day wandering around the grounds of Welford House near Newbury, England.

Welford has, quite possibly THE best display of Snowdrops in the UK. They claim it anyway.

It’s also a really beautiful location in Mid-Southern England. Streams abound, the grounds are huge of course and a Tea-Shop/Cafe provides some delicious hot or cold snacks to put back some of the heat lost on the frosty walks.

It’s not that far from our old home so we got there quite early, (for us), and were able to enjoy it for longer than many.