Friday 22nd Oct 21

What a gorgeous day!

It was the intention today to go get some ‘Supplies’. We need timber for a project to turn the covered terrace into a warm-when-we-want-it-to-be place where we can be ‘Inside whilst Outside’, so I’m putting a huge roller blind over the open end and glazing the open side which joins the middle terrace which contains the ‘Roof Garden’.

It didn’t go as expected. We have two ways to get to the big DIY stores… “Up ‘n Over” or “Down and Round”. We choose which to do at the moment we reach the top of our road and look at the sky around us.

Today, there was cloud on the Down and Round side so we headed Up ‘n Over only to discover the road closed for resurfacing! Damn. Oh well. Time is not an issue for us sooooo, Picnic and a walk instead. “Yes Please!”

Pico de Las Nieves was our choice since there is a coffee-and-sticky-things van up there. Highest point on the island too and well above what cloud there was. In bright, warm sunlight we ate our bananas and weird sticky cake thing and drank our coffee.

Naturally, one must wander whilst we are there and so, we did. We looked out over Roque Nublo toward Tenerife and beyond, Teide clear above the cloud too.