Rooftop Gardening For Fun.

Potato Harvest? Rooftop gardening for fun?? Hmmm. Well, not a great success but neither was it a complete disaster! It’s December, it’s still reasonably warm here and the potatoes, the carrots and the tomatoes are all still thriving. However, it’s three months since the spuds were planted and, according to the ‘experts’ here, that’s the key time to take them out. So……. We did!

We got what we deserved I guess. Our way has always been to leave the things in the ground until well after the foliage has drooped and browned. Not surprisingly, we got some decent but smallish units. They tasted good, they cooked well and they filled our bellies for the night.

What more can we ask? Rooftop Gardening For Fun! That’s what we asked for! It’s great fun up there in the sun. Have to remember the hat or I burn being a bald old coot. Sheila just basks in it. We can see the whole valley from up there and it’s pretty fine.

We have carrots and Onions and Beans and tomatoes all planted, some coming up and, with luck, we’ll get most of a Christmas Dinner out of it! Probably not the spuds though! We’ve already eaten them.